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Local couple elopes to backyard shed

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Nashville, TN - Emily Martino and Jacob Queen announced Monday morning to family and friends via social media that they eloped to the backyard shed over the weekend.

The engaged couple, who has been staying with Jacob's parents, grandparents and younger siblings since the start of the quarantine, decided on the destination wedding as a way to streamline the guest list and stress of an elaborate wedding in the living room.

"Well, this happened over the weekend!," Martino wrote on her Facebook page along with a photo of their first kiss. "I am officially a Queen!!!"

The couple went on to thank their neighbor, Pastor Bob, who performed the ceremony through the shed window, and his wife Barbara who acted as their witness.

According to an anonymous source close to the situation, Jacob's mother was furious with the decision and has scheduled a family meeting on Monday evening to vote whether to banish the newlyweds from the house.

The couple says they plan to honeymoon in Brentwood, TN, when things get back to normal.

Photos by cottonbro from Pexels

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