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Local couple goes all Natural for annual beer can Christmas tree

Cincinnati, OH - Every year, Genie and Earl Puckett surprise family and friends with their annual beer can Christmas tree. This year was no exception, and in 2021, they went all Natural.

"We talked and prayed about it for weeks, then finally decided to go with the Natty," Earl Puckett told reporters. "Besides, it was on sale."

Family and friends gathered at the Puckett's home on Tuesday night for the unveiling of the 7-foot, 250-can creation. And based on the reactions, it is their best tree yet.

The Pucketts admit this year's project was exceptionally challenging because Genie, who is 9-months pregnant, could not assist with the drinking.

But, Earl says that despite the long, hard days of drinking to accumulate enough empty cans, it was worth it once he saw everyone enjoying it.

"Sure, it was tough. I mean, this one took me almost three weeks. But, we're already planning for next year."

While the couple wouldn't reveal next year's theme, Genie hinted that it would likely win a blue ribbon.

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