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Local couple splurges on NYE babysitter for exotic getaway to backyard

Fort Lauderdale, FL - According to sources, a Florida couple splurged on a New Year's Eve babysitter on Thursday so they could enjoy an exotic getaway to the backyard.

"It's sort of our thing to go somewhere special each New Year's. We didn't want to break that tradition," said Jillian. "Plus, we needed a break from our daughter."

The couple paid a trusted family friend handsomely to quarantine for the past 14 days just so she could watch the Shoemaker's 10-year-old, Hailey.

"We work, eat, sleep, and home-school inside, so we just really needed a change of scenery," said John. "We also wanted to get away from Hailey."

The couple says they are excited just to sit outside, look at the stars, and enjoy their quiet time alone without their daughter.

While Hailey was disappointed her parents didn't take her, she says she understands, and vows to do everything in her power to ruin their evening.

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