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Local dad arrested for stealing three sniffs of glue during school supplies run

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Gallatin, TN - A local father of two is in custody tonight after stealing three sniffs of glue from the Gallatin Walmart.

A plain-clothes security officer allegedly watched the father, Jeremy Rhodes of Madison, pick up a bottle of Elmer's glue, twist the top and give it three quick sniffs before returning it to the shelf. The unnamed officer told the Inquisitor, "We have a strict one sniff policy here and he clearly gave it three good sniffs. This went way beyond sampling for freshness."

Police officers on the scene reviewed video footage of the incident and confirmed that Rhodes gave it three good sniffs. They quickly took him into custody without incident. The mother of the children was called to pick up the kids who were shopping with their father.

The Inquisitor spoke to the arresting officer who told us, "It just makes me sick. Those sniffs don't belong to him and he knows it. The sad part is he'll probably be back on the streets in a matter of hours. I'd put him away for good."

Witnesses say they heard Rhodes protesting to officers as they put him in the police cruiser, saying, "Come on. I was just remembering my childhood. There are thousands of sniffs left in that bottle. Thousands of sniffs." Rhodes was told to tell it to the judge.

Rhodes was still at the station at the time of this report but is expected to make bail later today.

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