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Local dad invents candy launcher to safely pepper kids with treats at distance

Nashville, TN - Local dad Jim Overton has a special trick up his sleeve this Halloween. In an effort to protect children from the Coronavirus, he has invented a candy launcher to safely pepper kids with treats at a distance.

The 38-year-old military weapons enthusiast says he used an old M72 bazooka he had lying around the garage to craft his launcher.

"It took some trial and error to get the load and trajectory right, but my wife helped me with the tests," said Overton. "And she's healing well."

Overton says he doesn't know how many trick-or-treaters to expect due to the pandemic, but he has stockpiled over 500 rounds of sweets to fire at visitors.

"We should have plenty of ammunition, but if not, I have over 800 MREs in the bunker downstairs. I'd say we are prepared for every eventuality."

Overton says he plans to be locked and loaded by 16:00.

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