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Local dad learns hard way 'Tiger King' not sequel to 'Lion King'

Nashville, TN - Dave Anderson, a local dad from Nashville, learned the hard way on Saturday that Netflix's Tiger King is not a sequel to Disney's Lion King.

Anderson told reporters, "My daughter, Megan, and I were just looking for something different to watch. I thought we were on Disney+ and turned it on. I had no idea it wasn't a sequel until it was too late."

Witnesses say Anderson tried his best to cover Megan's eyes when he realized his mistake, but Megan "saw some stuff." Megan reportedly ran from the room and hid in her bathroom for over an hour. It took Megan's mother thirty more minutes to coax her out.

"I just hope she's not scarred for life," Anderson said. "And right now, I just hope she will forgive me and speak to me again, someday."

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