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Local dad teaches son how to break car

Nashville, TN - For many families, it is a right of passage. The day that father and son venture out to the garage or driveway to work on the family car. For Steve Davenport and his son Davie, that day came on Monday.

According to sources, Carol Davenport came home from work and told her husband that her car was making funny noises and asked him to call the mechanic. Despite her protests, Steve assured his wife that he could handle it and invited his son to help him.

Witnesses say that the father and son climbed under the vehicle around 5:15 p.m. and immediately began removing random parts. By 11:30 p.m., the car was back together minus a few leftover parts. The unexplained noises were gone. However, the car would no longer start.

Davie Davenport told reporters, "I tried to show dad how to fix it, but he wouldn't listen. Now, I have to walk to school."

At the time of this posting on Wednesday, a tow service is scheduled to haul the car to the garage.

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