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Local Dairy Queen employees, inspired by Harry and Meghan, also 'stepping back' from royal duties

Nashville, TN - Two Nashville Dairy Queen employees, Megan Douglas and Megyn Smith, announced today that they would be stepping back from some of their royal duties as senior members of the DQ Crew.

According to a statement on their joint The Megs Instagram page, the long-time friends said, "We have been so inspired by Prince Harry and Princess Meghan that we feel we have no choice but to step back from some of our duties at DQ."

The announcement went on to explain that the duo planned to continue working for the restaurant, but would no longer be taking out the garbage or sweeping the lobby. They also said they would no longer be turning Blizzards upside down to entertain customers.

Dairy Queen management quickly issued its own statement that reads, "Discussions with The Megs are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through."

According to sources, hundreds of DQ workers throughout Middle Tennessee will be stepping back from duties and will be issuing individual statements later today.

This is a developing story.

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