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Local Don Juan unsure where he'll wine and dine ladies after Krystal files for bankruptcy

Antioch, TN - The Krystal fast-food chain filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, listing debts between $50 million and $100 million. While no locations are scheduled to close at this time, it leaves many frequent customers wondering how long that will last.

19-year-old Donald Johnson, known as Don Juan by the local Krystal workers, has a particular interest in Krystal's future. It's reportedly where he takes all of the dates he meets online.

"I like the Krystal because I like to treat my ladies right from the start. Plus, it's close to my house," Johnson told reporters. "I don't know where I'll take them if they close."

Records show Johnson lives in the apartment complex behind the restaurant with his mom and younger brother. He has no driver's license or car registered to him at this time.

Krystal workers say Johnson visits the restaurant up to four times each week with a different girl, but they've never seen him with the same girl twice. One anonymous employee said of the PlentyofFish charmer, "Yeah, Don Juan is good at reeling them in, but he can't keep them on the hook."

The Inquisitor reached out to Johnson for comment but he busy was chatting with someone online.

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