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Local genius discovers 'Antioch' spelled backward is 'Hcoitna'

Rare photograph of Randall Vanderboom II

Antioch, TN - Randall Vanderboom II, a renowned genius in the Southeastern region of Nashville, announced this week that he has discovered "Antioch" spelled backward is "Hcoitna."

Vanderboom's findings, which will be published later this month in The Antioch Journal of Progressive Linguistics, is already being hailed as the greatest discovery to come out of Antioch, Tennessee, since the Global Mall.

The reclusive Vanderboom who rarely comments on his vast achievements, told journalists, "This is the defining moment of my life and work. I am humbled to be a part of it."

It is still unclear how he made his discovery or what exactly "Hcoitna" means. When asked, Vanderboom said, "All shall be revealed upon my publication. For today, let's jubilate and not trifle in minutia."

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