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Local gift store offering free sniffs of roses on your birthday

Nashville, TN - For a limited time, Nashville-based Valentine's Gift Emporium is offering free sniffs of roses to anyone who stops by the store on their birthday.

Store owner Ned Valentine said he came up with the idea after watching a news report about the rising cost of living.

"With all this inflation, we wanted to give something away for free. And who doesn't like a good rose sniff every now and then," said Valentine.

According to the store website, sniffs are awarded based on the customer's age. A 20-year-old can get up to 20 free sniffs. A 50-year-old can get 50. Anyone 60 and up can have unlimited sniffs during regular business hours.

Customers must show a valid photo ID to a salesperson to claim the free sniff offer. This policy is strictly enforced to prevent shoplifting.

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