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Local grandma seeking new opportunities after OnlyFans bans lucrative side hustle

Nashville, TN - Local grandma Mary Lou Montgomery posted on social media Saturday that she is seeking new opportunities after OnlyFans banned mature content on their platform.

"Hey fans! It's been fun, but it looks like Miss Mary needs a new side hustle," wrote Montgomery.

Montgomery said she wasn't sure what she would do next but was weighing her options.

"I can't complain," Montgomery told reporters. "I earned enough to pay off my house, buy a Cadillac, and start sizeable college funds for my eight grandchildren. I'd consider that a win."

Still, Miss Mary said she's not ready to slow down and has a few prospects in the pipeline.

"Yeah, I've still got a few tricks up my sleeves. Miss Mary ain't done yet."

Neither her children nor grandchildren responded to our requests for comment.

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