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Local HAMILTON fan demands TPAC holds duels for best seats to musical

Nashville, TN - A local HAMILTON, The Musical fan, William Burr, is demanding that TPAC holds a series of duels to decide who gets the best seats to the popular Broadway show.

Burr told reporters, "If they wanted to be fair about their ticketing, they would let us settle it like ladies and gentlemen. But they continue to refuse. Cowards."

According to sources, Burr has hand-written dozens of letters to TPAC management with detailed maps and plans for the proposed duels.

A TPAC representative confirmed they are familiar with Burr and his demands. "We are well aware of Mr. Burr and have notified the proper authorities," said a spokesperson. "Let me be clear, there will be no duels for HAMILTON tickets."

Documents obtained by The Inquisitor show Burr also insisted TPAC hold catfights to determine who got premiere seating for CATS, The Musical when tickets went on sale earlier this summer. The catfights were also not approved.

CATS, the Musical runs November 19-24, 2019.

HAMILTON runs from December 31, 2019, through January 19, 2020.

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