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Local inventor develops special goggles to help Middle Tennesseans shovel snow

Nashville, TN - Nashville-based inventor, Dr. James Moody, unveiled a newly developed pair of "snow goggles" yesterday just in time for this week's treacherous snowfall. The specialized eye-wear was specifically designed to help Middle Tennesseans rid their driveways and sidewalks from elusive snow while shoveling.

According to Dr. Moody, the glasses have three state-of-the-art features. He said at a press conference, "I've incorporated the most advanced technology available to help shovelers locate any ephemeral flakes, including infrared night-vision, thermal imaging, and sub-macro optics."

Nashville-native, Frank Kirkland, got a special preview of the glasses. He told journalists, "These are a game-changer. I'm usually out there for hours on my hands and knees trying to identify all the snow particles and get them off my property. With these, I was done in five minutes."

Dr. Moody said the goggles are in the final phases of production will be available for purchase by Christmas. The glasses will reportedly retail for $49.99.

"50 bucks? That's a bargain," Kirkland said of the price. "I spent $2,500 on back issues and carpal tunnel surgery from shoveling last year. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas."

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