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Local KFC now selling fire logs that will make your house smell like a Walmart

Nashville, TN - Just days after Walmart announced it is selling KFC fried chicken-scented fire logs, KFC announced today that it is selling fire logs that will make your house smell like a Walmart.

A KFC spokesperson said, "We are excited to expand our partnership by offering these limited-edition Walmart-scented fire logs that will fill your home with the 11 aromas and spices you have come to know and love at your local store."

The Walmart scented fire logs come in a two-piece, three-piece or 12-piece bucket. You can also make them a combo with a set of Walmart Auto Center-scented candles.

Customers were already lining up at 6 a.m. on Saturday outside the Harding Place KFC to be the first to purchase the highly anticipated fire logs. One customer told reporters, "I was going to save these for our Christmas party, but I think I'm going to throw one on as soon as I get home. They smell so good."

The same man was later caught by a KFC staff member trying to light a small fire in the floorboard of his car, presumably unable to wait until he got home. The fire was extinguished before anyone was injured and no charges have been filed.

At 9 a.m., fire log supplies were already running low, but a KFC represented assured us that another shipment arrives on Monday.

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