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Local kid slowly realizing that mom has no intentions of cooking all weekend

Nashville, TN - Eight-year-old, Billy Owens, slowly began realizing on Saturday that his mom has no intentions of cooking all weekend.

According to sources, Billy's first clue came when ham, rolls, and sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving showed up on the breakfast table for the second day in a row on Saturday morning. Witnesses say Billy made a few passive-aggressive comments about the leftovers before casually asking, "So, what are we having for dinner tonight, mom?" Billy's mother, Janet, reportedly replied, "I don't know, yet. It's a surprise."

Around lunchtime, Billy grew even more suspicious when Janet gave an impromptu, yet seemingly rehearsed, speech on world hunger and the importance of not wasting food. While delivering her bullet points, she began setting out a cheese and fruit tray on the dining room table and encouraged Billy to have some for lunch.

Billy's fears were all but confirmed after making a thorough inspection of the refrigerator when his mom left the kitchen. Inside, he found personalized containers for every member of the family, including one that said, "Saturday Dinner - Billy," and another for his Sunday dinner.

At press time, Billy had retreated to his bedroom and was reportedly devising a plan to rid the house of leftovers and frame his little sister in the process.

This is a developing story.

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