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Local kids disappointed when cheapo neighbor hands out stupid coins instead of candy

Franklin, TN - Kids across one Middle Tennessee neighborhood found themselves disappointed on Sunday night when a neighbor decided to hand out coins instead of candy.

Rumors began to surface around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday as trick-or-treaters warned their friends to avoid going to the grey house on the corner.

"Don't waste your time with the grey house. He's giving out stupid coins again this year," one trick-or-treater told a friend. "He's so cheap."

A Neighborhood Watch Officer reported chatter that several of the kids were planning to come back and toilet paper the home late on Sunday night. A security vehicle was promptly stationed outside the house to prevent property damage. No incidents were reported as of Monday morning.

We reached out to the homeowner, but he did not respond to our requests for comment or coins.

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