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Local man adamant that cinemas should be closed on Christmas buys four tickets to 'CATS'

Lebanon, TN - According to reports, an unnamed customer at a Lebanon cinema held up the line for five minutes to tell the ticket salesman how wrong it is that the theater is open on Christmas Day. Only then did the man buy his four tickets to CATS and head in to share his thoughts with the employees at concessions.

Aaron Bradford, a concessions employee, told reporters, "He was adamant throughout placing his order that we shouldn't be open. He kept asking if we were at least getting overtime. He was so mad he finally asked to speak to the manager."

Witnesses say the man created such a scene in the lobby that the manager eventually comped the man's four tickets and entire concessions order to calm him down. A couple hours later, the man returned to express his dissatisfaction with the movie itself and was given vouchers for a future visit.

The man and his family were later spotted at the Lebanon Waffle House talking to the manager.

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