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Local man can't wait to surprise Marvel fan girlfriend with new Thanos chin-plant

Nashville, TN - Kevin Clemmons of Nashville, Tennessee, has a big surprise waiting for his Marvel fan girlfriend, Helen, when she gets home from her month-long business trip this afternoon.

After Helen made multiple comments about how unbelievably sexy she found Thanos, the arch-nemesis in the Avengers movies, Clemmons decided to investigate a radical new chin-plant procedure he found online by a Nashville surgeon.

"She just kept saying how ruggedly handsome she thought Thanos was and that he was the kind of guy she could see herself settling down with," Clemmons told reporters. "I felt like this was my way of showing her how serious I am about our relationship."

The surgeon was able to perform the surgery within days of Helen's departure and the swelling subsided just in time for her return. Clemmons says he plans to surprise her at the airport if he can find out when she lands.

According to Clemmons, he has not spoken with Helen for three weeks except for a brief text saying she was fine but having phone issues. She suggested they talk when she gets home. While Clemmons has been concerned about her safety, he has found comfort in the daily photos Helen has posted on Instagram with a guy named Roland, presumably a co-worker on the trip.

"I've tried to call her, but it just keeps going straight to voicemail. I can't wait to see her and for her to see the new me. She's going to be blown away. Who knows, if it goes like I think, I may be popping the question tonight over dinner," Clemmons told reporters.

The Inquisitor reached Helen on her cell phone without issue. She had no comment except for "Who's Thanos?'

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