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Local man completely misunderstands Dolly Parton Challenge

Nashville, TN - When Ralph Harper's grandson, Charlie, encouraged him to take the Dolly Parton Challenge, he gave very few instructions. He simply showed his grandfather Dolly's original post and told him he should do the same for his LinkedIn and Facebook pages, the two social media sites Harper currently has.

Harper told reporters, "All he said was for me to take pictures like Dolly Parton. That's what I did."

Harper posted his collage on Friday night and it quickly went viral. His grandson learned about the post around midnight after a friend at the bar showed him the images and asked if it was his grandpa. Charlie immediately called his granddaddy.

"He asked me what I was doing," Harper said. "I told him I was counting likes and shares."

Charlie reportedly told his grandpappy to delete the post, but Harper refused. Harper said, "I'm not taking anything down. I'm going to win this thing. Who knows, maybe I'll get a date with Dolly Parton."

It is still unclear when the challenge will end or what the grand prize will be, but a representative for Parton said a date with Dolly is not in the cards.

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