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Local man enjoys first breaths of fall through medicated mask

Nashville, TN - Fall has arrived, and not a moment too soon for Tennessee native John Gifford. For Gifford, autumn is his passion. It's a magical season he looks forward to every year.

"I got up at 4:30 a.m. this morning just to enjoy my first breaths of fall," said Gifford. "Sure, it smells a little different through this medicated mask, but hey, my wife wants me to wear it, so..."

Gifford went on to say that his safety-conscious wife bulk-ordered 1,500 masks online with a viricidal antiseptic that does affect the smells of the season.

"I mean, I'm not going to lie. Everything smells like a hospital, but what are you going to do?"

Gifford says he plans to leave work early and find a secluded park where he can take off his mask and enjoy some mask-free smells of fall.

"Just don't tell my wife," said Gifford. "Please don't print this part. Please."

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