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Local man has no idea why Dolly Parton is in his room reading a story, but he's loving it

Nashville, TN - A local man says he has no idea why Dolly Parton is in his room reading him a bedtime story, but he's loving it.

Gavin Thomas has been live-tweeting about the unusual experience for the past twenty minutes. The following is his initial tweet and select posts:

"Umm... So, I was taking a nap when Dolly Parton climbed through my window and started reading me a bedtime story. What do I do?"

"I think I'm in shock. I'm having trouble following the story but it's something about a train with low self-esteem. Do you think she means me? Am I the train?"

"I'm so confused, but this is amazing. She is so pretty. Anyone know if Dolly is married?"

"Yep, she's married."

"I think the story is about over. It was inspiring. What do I say after? 'Thanks?'"

"Should I address the breaking and entering thing or let it go?"

"Okay, she just climbed out the window. I let it go. She is so cool."

"Good night, everyone. I'll post pics in the morning unless this was all a dream."

The Inquisitor reached out to Dolly for comment and is awaiting a response. According to her website, Dolly will be reading weekly bedtime stories from her Imagination Library for the next ten weeks! It is unclear how she will pick her listener each week so keep your windows unlocked just in case.

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