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Local man unsure if neighbors just really cold or joined new cult during lockdown

Nashville, TN - When Gerald Kurtner looked out his window on Saturday morning to check his plants for frost, he couldn't help but notice the Miller family across the street staring back at him.

Kurtner told journalists, "They just stood there in these robes like they were frozen in place. That's not like them. It was pretty chilly this morning so I'm not sure if they were just really cold or joined some new cult during the lockdown."

A photo Kurtner took corroborates his story. The family of four can be seen smiling from their front yard. They appear to be either wearing red Snuggies or robes commonly featured in religious rituals.

A local religious clothing expert told us, "I can't tell from this photo. With the cold front that came through, it could go either way."

An Inquisitor reporter who knocked on the Miller's door says he could see the family standing in a circle near the living room fireplace, but they refused to answer the door.

This is a developing story.

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