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Local meteorologist hopes Frozen costume helps communicate seriousness of Hurricane Elsa

Arendelle, FL - Local meteorologist Katy Williams went out of her way on Friday morning to communicate the threat of Hurricane Elsa by dressing up as the Frozen character.

Williams said, "My hope is by wearing this costume and performing an extended Frozen medley, I can draw attention to just how serious we need to take this storm."

Not everyone was pleased with her broadcast. Angry viewers chimed in immediately after the forecast.

"This is so wrong. How could you? Elsa only wears one ponytail, not two," said one viewer.

Another wrote on the station's Facebook page, "We need to take this seriously. That dress is not even close to the shade of Elsa's dress. Get it right!"

On a positive note, several viewers said they were not worried about the storm after watching the broadcast and would take Williams's advice to let it go.

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