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Local military store offering Black Friday Doorbuster on battering rams

Nashville, TN - A local Army surplus store is offering an unbelievable Black Friday Doorbuster on all tactical battering rams.

One lucky shopper scored a Blackhawk Twin Turbo Entry Ram for 40% off retail. Another got the S-Series Enforcer for $100 off. Still, some shoppers left disappointed.

"I was hoping to get the Mega Ram J35, but they were sold out," said one shopper. "I settled on the 5.11 Tactical MEDIUM. That should cover me for most of my breaches."

Store owners say they are expecting a new shipment mid-day on Friday an more coming in throughout the weekend.

"We are committed to meeting all of our customers' breaching needs and will offer rainchecks for anyone who leaves the store empty-handed."

The store is also offering online sales and free rush shipping with a purchase of any two rams.

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