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Local News hopes to remind Nashville of happier days with coverage of 2010 flood

Nashville, TN - If you follow the local news over the next couple of days, you will undoubtedly notice a deluge of stories about the tenth anniversary of Nashville's devastating flood.

The Inquisitor spoke to a local news programmer about the heavy coverage, who said, "We are determined to uplift each one of our viewers by reminding them constantly of the happier days of the 2010 flood."

He went on to say that news organizations plan to offer complete coverage of the anniversary throughout the weekend and are working on a full-length feel-good documentary about the catastrophe.

"We want Nashville to know that we will get through this current crisis and better days, like May 2010, are just around the corner."

You can catch the non-stop coverage online, on your phone, on your TV, and at news-stands everywhere.

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