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Local park hosts first 'Easter Rock Hunt' after volunteer forgets to hide eggs

Nashville, TN - A Nashville park found itself in a conundrum on Saturday when a volunteer forgot to hide the eggs for its 23rd annual Easter Egg Hunt.

According to reports, park officials only learned of the mistake seconds before hundreds of children arrived for the event. Refusing to disappoint, the park team quickly brainstormed solutions.

Moments later, a park ranger announced via megaphone, "Good morning, everyone! I'm excited to announce that there's been a change to our event today. We are not going to have another boring Easter Egg Hunt. Today, we're going to have our first-ever Easter Rock Hunt!"

Sources say about 90% of the parents loaded their kids back in the car to go somewhere else, but those that stayed had a great time.

One father told reporters, "This was great. My kid usually only gets about ten eggs. Today, he found like 40,000 rocks."

The volunteer was reportedly reassigned to sanitation duty and was not available for comment.

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