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Local pharmacy offers free souvenir syringe with every flu shot - Collect all 4!

Nashville, TN - The competition for flu shots is heating up and you don't want to miss out. Some grocers are offering a $10 gift card or 10% off your bill if you get a flu shot at their stores. Stand-alone clinics are offering valuable coupons. Best yet, a downtown Nashville pharmacy is offering a free souvenir syringe with each flu shot administered at their location.

Store Manager, Kevin Brandt, told reporters, "Being located in the heart of downtown Nashville, we have the unique opportunity to reach tourists, along with locals. We thought the free souvenir syringe promotion would be a great way to promote flu safety and give visitors a one-of-a-kind keepsake they can share with their friends and family back home."

Brandt continued by saying the souvenir syringes are currently being offered in four colors and are going fast. "We are almost out of the blueberry blast and we expect to run out of the Mellow Yellow Sunbeam by mid-November," he shared with journalists. "If you plan to collect all four, now is the time."

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