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Local recycling company rebrands as 'Pelosi's Shredders' in risky PR move

Nashville, TN - A local recycling company, Shredmeisters, rebranded itself this week as "Pelosi's Shredders" in a risky PR move to attract more business.

According to sources, the owner of the struggling company, Evan Williams, had the idea after watching the State of the Union address on Tuesday and quickly moved without board approval to update the graphics on all collateral, signage, and vehicles. The cost of the revisions is estimated to be north of $2,000,000.

The fleet of rebranded mobile units rolled out on Saturday morning, blaring an altered version of the 1980's Devo classic, "Whip It," from newly-installed loudspeakers. The reimagined recording, "Rip It," features the lyric:

When your papers come along Pelosi's rips it Before your speeches sit too long Pelosi's rips it When something's going wrong Pelosi's rips it

It is too soon to tell if the PR gamble will help or backfire on the company as many Middle Tennesseans are divided in their views on Washington politics. If it is any indication, five out of ten Shredmeisters board members have already submitted their resignations.

The Inquisitor reached out to Speaker Pelosi for comment but our calls were not returned for some reason.

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