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Local senior wins $10,000 jackpot at new pharmacy blood pressure slot machine

Nashville. TN - A local senior is celebrating today after taking home a $10,000 jackpot from a local pharmacy's new blood pressure slot machine.

Carol Binkley, 65, was visiting the pharmacy when she noticed the new machine beeping and flashing in the corner. She decided to check her blood pressure while she waited for her prescription to be filled.

Binkley told reporters, "Well, I just sat down, put my arm in the cuff, and pulled the lever. That's when the machine started going crazy and coins began shooting out into the ointment aisle." Binkley had scored five lucky 120/80s on her first spin, a 1 in 500,000 chance worth $10,000.

The new machine was installed as a creative way to bring awareness to hypertension and encourage customers to regularly check their blood pressure. All while having some fun and winning some prizes in the process. It is still unclear how the machine is operating in Tennessee where physical gambling operations are illegal.

While Binkley is the biggest winner to date, other players have won free blood pressure medicine for a year, designer stethoscopes, and dinner for two at Ruby Tuesday.

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