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Panic shopper kind of regrets mowing down milk stocker after only getting light dusting

Nashville, TN - Like many Middle Tennesseans, Michael Fairbanks may have overreacted on Saturday when he raced to the store to get eggs, milk, and bread ahead of the snow.

As supplies dwindled before his eyes, Fairbanks panicked in the milk aisle and inadvertently mowed down a store employee in his effort to get the last gallon of two percent.

Now, after only receiving a 1/2 inch of snow, Fairbanks says he is having some regrets about his behavior.

The Nashville native told reporters, "They said we could get six inches. We got a sixth of an inch. In hindsight, I kind of regret knocking down that nice kid just for a light dusting. What a waste of time and energy."

Inquisitor Nashville reached out to the store manager and learned that the employee is resting at home and doing well. He did not suffer any significant injuries and does not plan to press charges.

Fairbanks says he plans to show more restraint in the future unless forecasts are 100% certain about accumulation.

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