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Local Super Bowl party ruined by armchair quarterbacks shouting plays at TV

Los Angeles, CA - What was supposed to be a low-key Super Bowl gathering with a few friends turned into a disaster on Sunday when three uninvited armchair quarterbacks showed up and began shouting plays at the TV.

Witnesses say the trio barged in, commandeered the couch, and immediately began competing with each other by calling out different plays to the Bengals' offense on the screen.

"Who are those guys?" asked the host. "Who invited them?"

After thirty minutes of listening to the three argue over screen passes and running plays, the homeowner and the rest of the party abandoned the house to go watch the game at a local Los Angeles Buffalo Wild Wings.

At the time of this report, it is unclear how long the guests plan to stay, but security cameras inside the home show they are still there, yelling at players on the screen.

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