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Local teen either devious licker or just really likes urinals

Nashville, TN - A viral image posted this week has sparked mass speculation online whether a local teen is a "devious licker" or if he just really likes urinals.

A "devious lick" is slang for using illegal means to gain internet fame. Recently, students have been targeting school bathrooms and stealing anything from toilets to hand dryers to soap dispensers.

"This guy looks like a licker, for sure," wrote Pattycakes_3. "They should lock him away for good."

Others weren't so quick to pass judgment.

JohnBidet33 wrote, "I get it. He has like a half-dozen urinals in his bedroom, but so do I. That doesn't mean he's a licker. Maybe he just collects them like me."

One local business owner wrote, "I don't know what to think about the kid in the photo, but if anyone knows his number, DM me. Some punks stole our urinal from the restaurant. I'll buy one if he's selling."

The unnamed teen has yet to address the accusations publicly, but his parents have hired an attorney just in case.

Officials at the teen's school acknowledge that they are missing several urinals but have no way of knowing if those featured in the image are school property.

"I just to know yet. We really need to get access to the urinals and check the serial numbers. But, first, we need the student to cooperate." said a school administrator.

In the meantime, the viral image has racked up over 2M views.

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