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Teen who totaled dad's car disappointed to learn insurance won't cover spilt latte

Nashville, TN - A local teen who totaled his father's car says he was devastated to find he also spilt his vanilla latte.

According to reports, Barry Johnson immediately called the insurance company and repeatedly asked the agent if they would replace the drink. He was disappointed to learn that beverages were not covered under his father's policy.

"I waited in line for 20 minutes for that drink, so I'm angry," Johnson told his dad in a heated phone call overheard at the scene. "That's like six dollars of my own money down the drain.

After a tense exchange, his father agreed to reimburse him for the beverage and promptly Venmo'd the funds.

The first responding officer called for an ambulance, and Johnson was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Witnesses say Johnson insisted they stop at Starbucks on the way.

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