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Local third grader hoping Mr. Tom lets him drive the bus again this year

Nashville, TN - Local third-grader Jared Owens isn't thrilled about going back to school this week but says he is excited for another opportunity to drive the school bus.

"Last year, Mr. Tom let me drive the bus like a billion times," Jared told reporters. "I'm hoping he lets me drive it even more now that I'm eight."

Documents show that the bus operator, Tom Crabtree, was released from his position by the metro school board in last May for an undisclosed infraction. School officials declined to elaborate.

We tracked down Crabtree, who is now running an alligator petting zoo outside of Tampa, Florida. He denied Jared's account.

"That's ridiculous. I never let that kid drive the bus a billion times," said Crabtree. "That's impossible."

Owen's parents say they will be driving Jared to school for the foreseeable future.

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