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Local woman slightly injured in mosh pit at Celine Dion concert

Nashville, TN - According to sources, a local woman suffered minor injuries to a fingernail in a mosh pit at the Celine Dion concert last night.

Celine fan club member, Martha Johnson, witnessed the incident and spoke to reporters after the show. "It was right when Celine broke into the chorus of If You Asked Me To," Johnson said. "The woman was thrashing with the rest of us when she hit her hand on this dude's cup of Chardonnay. I heard her yell and then she left the pit to talk to a security guard. It was pretty brutal out there. I hope she's ok."

Security reports show that the unidentified victim severed a 1/8 inch strip of fingernail on her right index finger. An EMT performed light triage and the woman was rushed to a nearby salon for further treatment. She is expected to make a full recovery.

The Inquisitor reached out to Celine Dion for comment, but she took a hard pass.

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