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Local couple already hiding from trick-or-treaters three days early

Nashville, TN - According to reports, local couple Amy and Tom Hawthorne have already gone into hiding from trick-or-treaters three days early.

One neighbor said it all started late Wednesday night when Tom was spotted under the cover of darkness moving the couple's vehicles to a side street a block over. Minutes later, Amy was spotted stuffing the mailbox with old mail and setting rolled-up newspapers on the front porch.

"They are going to great lengths to make it look like they are not home, but I know they're in there," said one neighbor.

This is not the first time that Hawthorne's have tried to avoid handing out Halloween candy. In 2019, the couple shared the following post on their community Facebook page on October 29:

Hey neighbors! We are so bummed that we are not going to be able to hand out candy this year. Amy's uncle is in the hospital and we're flying to Denver to see him. We're looking forward to Halloween 2020!

The problem is the Hawthorne's never left. A neighbor saw them through a window eating pizza in their bedroom closet.

"They were home in 2019, and they'll be home in 2021. They're just cheap," a neighbor told reporters.

The Hawthorne's did not answer the door when we stopped by for comment.

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