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Lombardi Trophy missing after Brady pass intercepted by eagle

Tampa, FL - The famed Lombardi Trophy went missing on Wednesday after a pass by quarterback Tom Brady was intercepted by a passing eagle.

The event occurred about three-quarters into a Super Bowl boat parade celebrating the Buccaneers' win over the Chiefs. According to reports, Brady stepped back to make a quick toss to Tight End Cameron Brate when an eagle snatched the award out of nowhere.

A Tampa citizen reported seeing the trophy in a tree on the south side of Tampa on Wednesday afternoon, but it was gone before officers could investigate. It is unclear if the award is still in possession of the eagle or if someone climbed the tree and took it.

The sterling silver trophy stands nearly two feet tall and features a regulation-sized football in kickoff position. It is valued at $50,000.

If you have any information, please call the Buccaneers tip line immediately. Tom Brady is offering a $50 reward for any tip that leads to its return.

In related news, Tom Brady's family and friends staged an intervention on Wednesday night after the seven-time Super Bowl champ drank a beer.

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