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Loveless Cafe unveils new food truck with biscuit launchers

Loveless Cafe food truck with biscuit launchers

The Loveless Cafe has been serving up hot, buttery biscuits at their Highway 100 location since 1951. This summer they are taking their delicious delicacy to the streets...and the air.

Yesterday, the iconic restaurant unveiled their new food truck featuring four proprietary biscuit launchers. These dynamic compression cannons can each shoot three dozen biscuits in 4.8 seconds and will allow the company to reach customers from over 500 feet away.

A spokesperson for the business said, "You are witnessing the evolution of food trucks. Not only can we sell our biscuits at local events, but through our new ordering app, we can reach hungry customers while driving down the freeway. Our laser-guided launch system allows us to shoot a dozen biscuits straight into an open car window in less than two seconds. It's revolutionary."

A Launch Party will be held on Thursday, June 27, at Centennial Park Event Pavilion, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The first 200 customers will get free biscuits shot at them at over 90 mph. A full list of menu items will be available for purchase, but do not come with the upgraded launch experience.


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