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Lucky couple catches puck to the face at very first hockey game

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Nashville, TN - A local couple was the envy of Bridgestone Arena on Tuesday night when they took a puck to the face at their very first Predators hockey game.

Cory and Rachel Hammonds had managed to sneak down to the ice during the second period when a stray puck made direct contact with Rachel's face, then Cory's. The jumbotron caught all the action on the screen to the cheers of the Smashville crowd.

One longtime season ticket holder told reporters, "It's not fair. I've come to over 300 games here since 1998 and I've never come close to a puck to the face. That couple got one at their first game?"

The Hammonds only suffered minor injuries and were rushed to a local dental clinic immediately. The Predators went on to defeat the New York Islanders 8-3, including a run of seven consecutive goals that started just seconds after the puck to the face incident. Many fans attributed the goal streak to the Hammonds themselves.

"I believe that couple brought the Preds luck," said one fan. "We need them to take one to the face at every game for the rest of the season." He went on to say that he would gladly contribute to a fund to buy the couple season tickets near the ice. Another fan suggested starting a GoFundMe.

The Inquisitor reached out to the couple to see if they would entertain the free season tickets offer, but they were unable to speak.

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