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Normally neglected office staff treated to new choking poster in break room

Nashville, TN - Normally neglected staff members of the local accounting firm, AccuCount LLC., were delighted this morning to find the company had treated them to a brand new choking poster in the employee break room.

Nine-year employee, Connie Jacobs, told journalists, "This is huge. I think it's the most the company has invested in the break room since I've been here. So, I'm feeling very blessed today."

The new upgraded break room poster comes at a time when many Nashville businesses are looking for increasingly creative ways to attract and retain valued employees. Executives at AccuCount hope the new sign will remind employees about the kind of company they work for and how much they care.

Ben Wilson, a recently-hired maintenance employee said, "Please don't print this, but I've been thinking about leaving this hellhole since I started. Then, I saw that choking poster today and I think I'm going to stick around a few more weeks. They really seem to care about us."

According to one AccuCount HR manager, the company also plans to renovate the hallways and employee entrance with state-of-the-art Workplace Harassment signs and Labor Law decor. It is unclear when those improvements will go into effect, but it is expected before the company's annual employee satisfaction survey next month.

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