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Man excited to surprise wife with Super Bowl Valentine's dinner at romantic sports bar

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Barry Jacobs has big plans this weekend. Among them, Jacobs plans to surprise his wife Allison with a Super Bowl Valentine's dinner at one of Nashville's most romantic sports bars.

"The Super Bowl is Sunday. Valentine's Day is Monday. This just makes sense," Jacobs told reporters. "I can't wait to see her face when we pull up to the sports bar."

According to a text sent to a close friend, Allison Jacobs has no idea where they are going but knows Barry is planning something special.

Allison wrote, "I just overheard Barry making reservations somewhere. On Sunday! During the Super Bowl! I can't believe he would miss the game for me, but he knows I hate football. He's soooooooo sweet."

Inquisitor Nashville is following this story very closely. Check back on Sunday for live play-by-play updates of the dinner.

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