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Desperate man lost in desert would give anything for drop of hand sanitizer

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Nashville, TN - Shawn Phillips, a local man lost in the Mojave Desert for the past month would give anything for a drop of hand sanitizer, according to a recent voicemail left on his girlfriend's cell phone.

Phillips, who left Nashville on a solo cross-country road trip in February, was last spotted at an Arizona gas station asking a clerk for the popular item. Witnesses say the man hurried out of the store when the clerk told him they were out of stock but he could try a gas station up the road.

It is believed Phillips took a wrong turn and ended up running out of gas in the middle of the 47,877 mi² desert.

Early yesterday morning, Phillips' girlfriend reported receiving a staticky message from Phillips saying, "Sanitizer. Please bring me sanitizer. I'll give anything."

Phillips did not mention his whereabouts in his message but authorities believe the fact that he is now within range of a cell tower is a positive development. They hope to find him using tracking technology.

Due to current shortages, it is unclear if they will be able to offer him any sanitizer once they finally do make contact.

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