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Man takes chance on recalled Walmart sausage after weighing return desk wait time vs. clinic wait

Lebanon, TN - Billy Roberts decidedly took a chance on eating recalled 'Great Value' sausage patties this morning after weighing the time he'd spend at the Walmart return desk with the time he'd spend in a clinic waiting room if he got sick. In the end, he says, it was an easy decision.

"I called a couple of clinics and found out their wait time averaged about 15 minutes. I'd easily be in Walmart for an hour or two," Roberts said. "I figured I have nothing to lose."

The sausage patties, which were recalled this week due to salmonella concerns, were made right here in Tennessee. The USDA urges the public not to eat the products, and either return them or throw them away.

Billy said he's feeling fine as of 7:00 P.M. tonight and if he doesn't start vomiting overnight, he plans to have some more for breakfast tomorrow.

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