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Man who blew up Tesla over $22,600 repair bill sad to learn bill actually $226.00

Helsinki, Finland - When Thomas Kane took his 2013 Tesla Model S to a mechanic to replace the battery, he was shocked to learn the repair would cost him $22,600. Unwilling to pay the exorbitant amount, he did the only thing a rational person would do. He strapped 66 pounds of dynamite to the vehicle and blew it up, despite the car being valued at $42,000.

However, just moments after the explosion, the mechanic from the auto shop stopped by to explain that there was an error on the repair estimate.

Witnesses say the mechanic told Kane, "I wanted to come by to apologize for a mistake on the bill. The repair cost isn't $22,600; it's only $226.00. I just had my decimal in the wrong place. My bad. So, if you still want me to fix it, I can have it back to you in a couple of hours. And I'll throw in a free oil change for the inconvenience."

Kane says he was sad to learn the news but hopes that Elon Musk will see the explosion video and give him a new car. Or, he will just continue to ride his mom's bicycle until he can save up enough for a pre-owned Prius.

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