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Man who brings tennis racket to SB party hopes no one notices he's clueless about football

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Nashville, TN - A local man who brought a tennis racket to a Super Bowl party hopes no one notices that he doesn't know a thing about football.

John Ellis grew up a tennis player in a Delaware community where football was rarely watched or discussed. Now, 33, he recently moved to Nashville and was invited to his first football party by a new friend at work.

Ellis told reporters, "I didn't want to say no, but this is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I've never even seen a football match. I just hope no one notices."

The party host, Aaron Dolton, who asked to remain nameless, said he grew suspicious when he asked Ellis from the kitchen what the score was and Ellis told him, "3-Love." Another guest spotted a red flag when the football was thrown out of bounds and Ellis stood and yelled, "Fault."

Overall, party-goers are really taking to Ellis. One man was overheard telling his friend, "That tennis dude is hilarious. So ironic. And he hasn't broke character once. We should invite him to poker night."

Ellis told The Inquisitor that he has zero knowledge of poker but has a general understanding of badminton.

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