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Man with nothing to do, nowhere to be since March scrambles to file taxes

Nashville, TN - According to witnesses, Larry Butler spent Wednesday scrambling to file his taxes after months of having nothing to do and nowhere to be.

Butler says he planned to do them in March, then got sidetracked when he was furloughed and "things got hectic with the pandemic."

An anonymous source inside the Butler home told reporters, "If hectic means watching all 31 seasons of The Simpsons twice and playing Call of Duty, then yeah, it's been hectic."

Butler says an issue with the internet connection further delayed his filing.

"He forgot to pay the internet bill. I called them and it was back up in an hour," said the source.

Butler claims his search for temporary employment also interfered with completing his taxes.

"Oh that. He called about donating plasma, then chickened out," said the source.

At the time of this publishing, Butler says he is determined to meet the 11:59 p.m. deadline and is working tirelessly to track down his W-2 forms and receipts.

He has enlisted his roommate and fiancé, Erica, to help him file online.

Stay tuned to Inquisitor Nashville for complete tax day coverage.

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