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Man with zero intentions of leaving house desperate to know how roads are

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Nashville, TN - Bill Campbell, a 65-year-old TDOT retiree from Donelson, Tennessee, is admittedly a man with time on his hands.

"Bring on the snow," Campbell wrote on Facebook Thursday morning, adding, "The fridge is stocked, and I have nowhere to be and nothing but time on my hands."

But as the snow fell on Thursday morning, Campbell took to Facebook with a series of inquiries regarding road conditions.

"Hey, everyone, how are the roads in Antioch? Is it sticking?" he wrote despite living miles across town.

An hour later, he posted on the Hip Mt. Juliet Facebook page, "Hey, Y'all! Anyone know how the roads are?

Over 40 people commented, offering a wide range of details and photos, but Campbell thirsted for more.

"Hey Gallatin, how's 65 North looking?" he wrote on another page before asking Clarksville residents how 24 West was fairing.

As of Friday morning, Campbell had asked, "How are the roads?" over 35 times on various Middle Tennessee Facebook group pages, including Hip Bell Buckle.

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