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Heinz marketing executive arrested after 9-year investigation finds only 56 varieties

Pittsburg, PA - A Heinz marketing executive has been arrested after a 9-year undercover investigation concluded there are only 56 varieties of their famous ketchup, not the 57 they have falsely advertised since 1896.

David Bryant was taken into custody during lunch on Friday for further questioning. After 14 hours of intense interrogation, Bryant allegedly confessed that he was aware of the false advertisement but continued to promote the "57" lie during his tenure.

An attorney for the executive says he will call for the confession to be thrown out after investigators used illegal tactics and abuse to coerce the confession.

"My client only confessed when he was forced to eat Hunt's ketchup during an interrogation dinner break. At that point, he would have confessed to anything to end the abuse," said the attorney.

A bail hearing is set for Tuesday morning.

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