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Marty Poppins Returns Christmas 2019

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Dysne Entertainment announced today that Marty Poppins Returns will be landing in theaters just in time for Christmas 2019.

Marty Poppins Returns is the magical adventure of the lesser known Poppins and his search for his missing sister. Just paroled from prison, Marty begins his search at the home of the Banks family, the last place Mary was seen. After interrogating two punk-face kids and taking out a half-dozen chimney sweeps, he discovers the horrifying truth behind her disappearance. Now only he can save her... if he can reach her in time.

Marty Poppins stars newcomer, Emilio Subtle, and all star cast of unknowns. The movie opens on December 21, opposite STAR WARS Ep. IX and Yentl 2: Yentler.


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